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Different Types Of Protein Powder For Women

If you are just getting started with protein powder you’ve probably realized that there are many different types of protein powder For Women.

What to look for in a protein powder?

There are a few factors you need to consider when looking into buying a protein powder.Chocolate-Protein-Powder

Price is probably one of the first things you’ll consider when buying a product. Protein powder prices vary but a generally a higher quality protein powder will cost more. Higher quality protein powders are determine by their protein yield – this is, the percentage of a scoop that is protein. For example a 100g scoop of protein that contain 80g of protein would have a yield of 80%.

Taste is another important factor. Most products come in a variety of flavours from chocolate to strawberry and even a few odd flavours. Some companies offer a neutral tasting product, this allows you to make your own flavours when you make protein shakes.

Type of protein. There are many different types of protein powders. Some of the most notable types are whey protein and casein protein. However there are a number of plant based proteins that are good as well.

Types Of Protein Powders

Whey protein powder is the most popular protein powder on the market. It’s made from milk so its easy to digest unless you are lactose intolerant or have another diary allergy. Another popular milk based protein is Casein. Casein is absorbed by the body at a slower rate than whey and is a popular protein to consume before bed as it slowly lets your body fuel the rebuilding of muscles.

Other types of protein powders are: Soy, Rice, hemp and egg. They all have pros and cons but are available in a range of sizes and flavours.

A popular plant-based protein powder is pea protein powder. It is a good, all-around, plant-based protein powder and is easy to digest. Peas also have a good amino acid profile, and a high protein yield. This is a popular type of powder for vegetarians and vegans.


My New Favourite Protein Bar

I’ve recently started using Protein Bars as a quick source of protein throughout my day. I’ve never really been one to use protein bars as I really placed them in the same group as chocolate bars. Although, most protein bars have an extremely high sugar count, they do still carry quite a bit of protein.

protein bar

The busier and busier I’ve gotten, the harder is has become to find the time to get the right amount of protein. I’ve recently started to have a protein bar between my lunch and dinner, sort of a mid afternoon snack. Now, this isn’t an everyday event, but I normally have one at least twice a week. The reason I’ve completely turned around my opinion on these little guys is because of how portable and easy they are to carry around. I literally just throw one into my lunch bag and I’m ready to go.

My current protein bar of choice is the Quest Nutrition Bar. These bars are loaded with protein and come in great tasting flavours, which, to be honest, was one of my biggest concerns; the taste has always put me off. I’m happy to say that I’ve found a protein bar that can completely satisfy my chocolate craving; the chocolate Brownie flavor is hands-down my top pick.

In addition to this great tasting flavour, each single protein bar carries 20 grams of protein (per 60g bar) with only 1g of sugar. It’s also pretty low on the calorie count with only 170 per bar. One of my other concerns was the amount of fat. I’m happy to report that these bars only contain 6 grams of fat.


As I’ve mentioned many times on this blog, the key is a balanced lifestyle with everything in moderation. Getting the correct dose of protein per day is important to me and these protein bars are definitely helping me fit my daily requirements.

Let me know if you have any questions, hopefully I can help you out.

How To Make The Perfect Protein Shake

I’ve been a huge fan of protein shakes and smoothies for many years. In fact, they’ve become a bit of a hobby of mine. I’ve decided to share a few of my favourite beverages that use some great protein powders.

Before we begin, it’s important to understand what goes into a protein shake.

Steps For Making A Protein Shake:


best protein powder for womenThe first part will include a base layer – this will be some form of liquid. This can range from greek yogurt to water. I’ve also used juice, skim milk and almond milk. Water is the most natural and convenient base layer, which I’m sure you have plenty of.

Second, you’ll need you’re protein protein. There is a lot of talk on which is the best protein powder or the best protein powder for women. Honestly, it really comes down to preference and dietary requirements. I prefer whey protein isolate, I do a lot of working out and I require a quick digestion rate, so my body can use the protein to do all the necessary repairs quickly. I make a protein shake every morning, as it fills me up perfectly before I head to work. Add what ever protein you chose to the mix.

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Third, you’ll need to add you’re goodies, this is where the magic happens. I tend you start with berries. I love berries as they are great antioxidants – blueberries are my personal favorite. Bananas are great for shakes as well as they add great texture and a distinct taste.

Fourth, you’re tasters are next. This will all depend on taste. I’ve used flaxseeds, almond butter, and peanut butter, oatmeal in the past. Go crazy, and make some wild concoctions.

Finally, if you need some more texture add ice cubes. Blend it really well for about 30 seconds, or until you reach your desired thickness.

Workout Protein Shake

1 to 1.5 cups water

2 scoops of your chosen protein powder.

1 banana

8-12 blueberries

6 ice cubes

Fruit Protein Shake – My partner loves this one!

1/2 cup orange juice

1 scoop protein powder. Check out best Protein Powder for Women for some protein powder ideas.

6 strawberries

1 kiwi, peeled and sliced

1 banana

1/2 cup vanilla yogurt

Apple Smoothie

1 scoop of protein powder

1 apple; peeled and chopped

1 frozen banana, peeled and chopped

1/2 cup orange juice

1/4 cup milk

What’s My Top Protein Powder for Weight Loss?

For as long as I can remember getting fit seemed like such a daunting task, especially when work, friends and family seemed to take up so much of my time. When I decided to take control of my life, that’s when it all changed!

My Protein Powder Weight Loss Journey…

One of the reasons I started to get fit was because I started eating healthier and choosing the right protein powder. Using the best protein powders for weight loss was an essential part to my workout. I would make a protein shake in the morning keeping me full for a good portion of my day. In the evening, I would make another protein shake after going to the gym to replenish – it’s a bit to cold to run outside in the Canadian winters.

Using protein shakes were exactly what I needed to motivate me to keep exercising, I enjoyed making shakes and trying new flavors. Aside from being a hobby, making protein shakes became a reward for completing a good workout. Since I’ve started making my shakes, I’ve found what I think is the best protein powder for me and the best protein powder for women.example of what the best protein powder can do for weight loss

Some of my favorite protein powders are plant based. I really like the pea protein but I’ve also tried rice and hemp protein. My “go to” protein at the moment is Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Powder Natural Flavor.

As far as I’m concerned it meets all my requirements. It’s non-gmo, gluten free, hypoallergenic, soy free and dairy free. For each 21g scoop I get 17g of protein! On top of that, there little to no carbs or fats. Because it’s a plant based protein powder it has a full amnio acid profile. It mixes extremely well into any shake I make. I highly recommend this product.

Check out the video below to learn more about weight loss and protein powder



Make the perfect protein powder smoothie for lose weight…

When I make a protein shake with this product I’ll normally put milk, blueberries, strawberries, a banana, a bit of honey and, of course, the powder into a blender. It makes for a perfect morning shake. I’ve also made this using greek yogurt as well. greek yogurt has tons of protein – oh and it taste’s amazing!

Protein has been the key ingredient in my new diet. See, protein is essential to keeping you body in check. Here’s the science behind it: Protein builds and repairs body tissues, its also responsible for producing enzymes, hormones and other substances you body requires. Finally, protein keeps the body healthy by resisting disease.

Something that hadn’t a occurred to me before was that I wasn’t getting nearly enough protein. However, now that I am. I feel great! I sleep better, feel more energized and I’m generally more pleasant to be around (I’ll be the first person to admit that I may have been a bit unhappy at times).


Understanding Whey Protein Powder

Whey Protein is one of the best sources of protein powder. More recently, it has become one of the most popular amongst people looking for a pre or post workout protein hit. Whey is the liquid material created as a by-product of cheese production. After a short filtration process, we are left with a the pure protein powder you find in the container.


With some many different types of protein powders on the market, it’s hard to determine which is the best one on the proteinmarket.  Here are some of the benefits of using whey protein powder.

  • It’s convenient as you don’t have to prepare a whole high protein meal.
  • It can be a great tasting beverage.
  • A fast way to repair damage
  • It contains a high amount of protein per scoop.

There are three kinds of whey protein to choose from:

Whey Protein Concentrate is the cheapest whey protein. It also consists of the least amount for protein – typically around 45% – 80% per scoop. The rest of the powder consists of fats, lactose and minerals.

Whey Protein Isolate is one of the most popular products amongst those who workout on a regular basis. Due to a high filtration process it has a high protein content. In fact, 80-95% of the powder will be pure protein. Whey Protein Isolate is also the preferred whey protein for women.

Whey Protein Hydrolysate is the most expensive whey protein. It uses a different process than the above whey proteins allowing for a protein powder that is extremely fast to digest. This allows the amino acids to act quickly and repair your muscles as soon as you finish a work out. Although, this comes at a higher price tag.

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High Protein Snacks

Protein is an important part of a balanced healthy lifestyle. Most people get protein from high protein meals that involve items such as chicken, beef, salmon. However, with busy schedules it’s not always easy to get protein from these foods.

More on high protein diets:

So whats the solution?


Best-Protein-BarsSnacking has received a bad reputation due to it’s association with junk food. But snacking doesn’t need to involve sugary and fatty items. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Here are a few snack that will protein you with a healthy dose of protein, without adding an abundance of unwanted carbs or sugars to your diet.

Low Fat Greek Yogurt is an extremely high source of protein. It’s full of calcium and can be mixed into a variety of different snacks. For example, using greek yogurt as a dip for carrots and celery.

Hard boiled eggs are a high protein snack that are quick and easy to make. One egg contains roughly 6g of protein.

Almonds are one of the best nuts when it comes to protein as they are low in saturated fats. You can add almonds to yogurt and even blend it with milk.

Beef jerky is another high protein snack. You have to make sure it’s not high in salt. However, if you find a healthy beef jerky you’re looking at an easy 11g of protein.

Protein Bars are an easy way to get a boost of protein. A healthier replacement to a chocolate bar, you’ll get a good dose of protein in an easy to travel with bar. There are plenty of different flavour and brands to choose from. The idea is to make sure you are actually getting protein, so, make sure you read the back label to determine whether you are getting a good amount of protein per bar.

Tuna in a can is a great, high protein snack. With about 25g of protein this can be the perfect addition to you sandwich. This can be a great alternative to your regular sandwich.

Protein shakes are another way to get a great deal of protein in a quick and easy drink. The best protein powder will be different for everyone. Even finding the best protein powder for women can be a challenge.

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