My New Favourite Protein Bar

I’ve recently started using Protein Bars as a quick source of protein throughout my day. I’ve never really been one to use protein bars as I really placed them in the same group as chocolate bars. Although, most protein bars have an extremely high sugar count, they do still carry quite a bit of protein.

protein bar

The busier and busier I’ve gotten, the harder is has become to find the time to get the right amount of protein. I’ve recently started to have a protein bar between my lunch and dinner, sort of a mid afternoon snack. Now, this isn’t an everyday event, but I normally have one at least twice a week. The reason I’ve completely turned around my opinion on these little guys is because of how portable and easy they are to carry around. I literally just throw one into my lunch bag and I’m ready to go.

My current protein bar of choice is the Quest Nutrition Bar. These bars are loaded with protein and come in great tasting flavours, which, to be honest, was one of my biggest concerns; the taste has always put me off. I’m happy to say that I’ve found a protein bar that can completely satisfy my chocolate craving; the chocolate Brownie flavor is hands-down my top pick.

In addition to this great tasting flavour, each single protein bar carries 20 grams of protein (per 60g bar) with only 1g of sugar. It’s also pretty low on the calorie count with only 170 per bar. One of my other concerns was the amount of fat. I’m happy to report that these bars only contain 6 grams of fat.


As I’ve mentioned many times on this blog, the key is a balanced lifestyle with everything in moderation. Getting the correct dose of protein per day is important to me and these protein bars are definitely helping me fit my daily requirements.

Let me know if you have any questions, hopefully I can help you out.

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